OmenukoJesus Digital Movement

A Little While…!(Also for 20th May, 2023)

Thursday of the 6th Week of Easter

(For Places where the Ascension is to be celebrated on Sunday)

Acts 18:1–8

John 16:16–20

Theme: A Little While…!

As the end of his earthly life draws close, Jesus continues to speak of the final destiny of man and life on earth. He uses the phrase: “a little while…”. Psalm 90:4 says: “A thousand years in your sight, oh Lord, are like yesterday which came and is gone.” Yes! A little while, what exists ceases to exist, and what does not exist begins to exist. A little while, just a little while, a lot can change about anyone’s life for good or for bad. If we can live our lives every day, bearing in mind that it is for “a little while,” a lot about our mindsets and our attitude towards life will change. Let us pray today for wisdom and the right attitude towards conducting our lives and our relationship with others at every moment of our existence, knowing full well that our lives, our existence, our problems and difficulties, our weaknesses and strengths, our riches and poverty, our sickness and health, our feeling of superior and inferior, our hates and loves, our praises and our criticisms, etc, are only for a little while. The question is: how and what did you do with this “little while”?

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