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Bear Good Fruits and Remain in Me!(10th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Wednesday 10th May, 2023
Acts 15:1–6
John 15:1–8
Theme: Bear Good Fruits and Remain in Me!

While the preachers in the first reading today were busy preaching circumcision and other rites before full assimilation into the Christian fold(you must first become a Jew before becoming a Christian), Jesus in the Gospel gives us an iconic response and point of reference for every claim on “doing the will of God, and being a Christian.” As the true Vine, and the as Father, the Vine grower, and we, the branches, Jesus, today, gives us an analogy with a sweet understanding. Jesus makes important yardstick for us to note: “bear good fruits and remain in me.” What fruits do you bear, and where do you bear them? It is important to consider these two when you claim to do the will of God and when you claim to be a Christian. The will of God here is simple; his fruits(the fruits of the Holy Spirit) are clear and without confusion. In simple summary, “love of neighbour and God.” But he didn’t stop there, he added,”remain in me to continue bearing the good fruits and to fulfil the will of the Father in full.”
Let us therefore pray today for those who seem to and want to bear good fruits but are not yet in him and those who claim to be in him but do not bear good fruits; as well as for those who neither do the former nor are in the latter.

Good morning, and remain in Him!

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