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Born Again; Born of the Spirit; and Spiritual Renewal!

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Monday 17th April, 2023(2nd Week of Easter)
Acts 4:23–31
John 3:1–8
Theme: Born Again; Born of the Spirit; Spiritual Renewal!

The idea of “born again”, even after the clarification by Jesus in the Gospel of today, has different understanding and applications for many, even until today. However, this is not our interest. Jesus clears this confusion from Nicodemus by further speaking of being “Born of the spirit.”
We understand this better in the first reading; the actions and disposition of one Born of the spirit is a thorough Spiritual Renewal. The disciples, upon receiving the Holy Spirit, were renewed and gained resilience in their faith conviction and actions.

Child of God, we are in a world today where almost everything about Christianity has been compromised, beginning from her leaders and her followers. The idea of followership to God is blurred with ulterior motives, and we are left with not many of the true but with many nominal Christians. Let us keep praying and asking God for true renewal of spirit in Christendom.

Good morning, and have a wonderful day!

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