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Covenant of Promise in Love of Christ!(26th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada Omenuko in “Living the Word”

Friday 26th May, 2023

Acts 25:13b-21

John 21:15-19

Theme: Covenant of Promise in Love of Christ!

Aside from the general and universal promises of God in Christ Jesus, sealed in the blood of the new covenant, God has a special promise and call for each and every one of us. This promise is not a mere utterance or as men do; instead, God’s promises are built on Covenant and on his sworn oath he makes with his own name, as the psalmist says. In the first reading, we continue to see Paul living out and suffering in his missionary activity, the already made promise and words of God upon his life. Jesus, in the gospel today, asks Peter, intentionally and with increasing resonance of response demand accompanied by corresponding responsibilities: “Do you love me? God, alone, can not fail in his promises. Instead of changing his promises, he rather changes a person to suit his promise upon the person. Such is Jesus, here, asking Peter if he loves him and conferring on him a leader’s responsibility of the Apostles, after Peter had denied him 3 times at the heat of his passion. Recall that Jesus had already promised Peter that upon him, the rock, he shall build his Church; thus, even the denial of Peter could not change or stop this promise.

Child of God, God has a special promise and plan towards you, which can not change unless you change yourself and miss it. All we need is to align ourselves to these promises in the love of God, just like Peter, who didn’t stray even after denying Jesus, but came back to Jesus stronger and renewed.

Good morning, and have a blessed weekend!

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