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God Demands All: The Power of Generosity!(10th June, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Saturday 10th June, 2023
Tobith 12:1, 5-15, 20
Mark 12:38-44
Theme: God Demands All: The Power of Generosity!

The quantity of gifts does not determine the quality of sacrifice and of giving. Instead, what remains of us and the state of heart determine the quality of giving and our sacrifice. The song: “I surrender all…” summarises the above theme and the readings of today. In the first reading, Tobias, irrespective of the pains he had passed through in his generosity of heart, did not hesitate or stop in his generosity but continued all the more which attracted the blessings and timely response of the Angel Raphael. In the gospel, Jesus praised the poor widow for in her generosity of heart she gave her all.
Child of God, God does not demand more from us he only demands all in freedom and generosity of heart. God sees the heart and knows each one of us and the sacrifices we make. Therefore, do not give up in your Christian endeavours and sacrifices as we pray for the grace of perseverance.

Good morning, and have a wonderful weekend!

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