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Hope in Suffering!(13th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Saturday 13th May, 2023(Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima)
Acts 16:1–10
John 15:18–21
Theme: Hope in Suffering!

All over the world, people suffer every day from different things:sickness, poverty, natural disasters, insecurity, etc. We have so many complaints in the world today for which many have lost their faith in God, while other few have remained ardent. In the face of these, some preachers and ideologies worsen the whole thing by presenting suffering to be evil and a curse. Paul was not without pain and suffering in his missionary journeys as we read in the first reading, but he never complained. Jesus in the Gospel gives us his words that bring deep consolation to whatever we may be going through now. He suffered everything we could imagine about suffering even to cutting short his earthly life. He tells us:”If the world hates you and if you go through difficulties, remember that I went through them before you.” However, Jesus reassures us that if we keep faith, we shall be victorious at the end, for he is with us, suffering with us at every moment of our difficulties.
Child of God, you may be going through a lot right now that you don’t know how to tell the story or what to do. Please never give up! In faith and hope, listen to the gentle and soothing voice of Jesus in your innermost heart, for he is ever-present in the midst of the suffering and downtrodden. We pray for the grace to overcome here on earth and to reach our heavenly home at last, on the last day.

Good morning, and succeed in all your endeavours.

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