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Identity in Human Work and Labour!(1st May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Monday 1st May, 2023(Feast of St Joseph the Worker)
Genesis 1:26B2:3
Matthew 13:54–58
Theme: Identity in Human Work and Labour!

Work or labour can be explained as means or avenues through which one communicates or contributes to humanity in a unique way by registering his/her identity and impacting on growth and common good. This definition goes a long way to express that in work, a person gives to humanity, and humanity, in turn, gives to a person. In the first reading, God communicated to us in his work of creation. He expressed his identity, “Come let US make man in our own Image and likeness…” In the Gospel, Jesus was never ashamed to be identified with a carpenter as his foster father Joseph, who is the patron of genuine workers. He did the same work through which he was identified in the Gospel today and, especially, went about doing his Father’s work of human healing of souls and bodies and call to salvation.
Child of God, do not be ashamed to be identified with your work as long as it is genuine. Never make yourself a workshop and tool for the devil in idleness, for it is only through our work that God can bless us and send helpers. We pray today for God’s blessings upon ourselves in all our struggles to make ends meet, and for those who have nothing genuine doing that, God may pave the way for them.

Good morning, and happy new month to you!

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