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In Truth, Seek Divine Will and Approval!(28th April, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Friday 28th April, 2023
Acts 9:1–20
John 6:52–59
Theme: In Truth, Seek Divine Will and Approval!

It is unfortunate today that most of the things we do today are things we find with pleasure and comfort. We no longer give good attention to the truth, the will of God, and his standards irrespective of who is offended. We often compromise the truth and divine will at the table of human friendship and approval. Jesus in the Gospel today, despite the divisive power of the truth he was saying, stood his ground, and many of his followers left him. He says the truth, never twisting it to impress anyone or to sound sweet, but to give God the glory; and that truth is: belonging to the community of believers he has formed himself, and participating in his flesh and body. Saul, who later became Paul in the first reading today, was persecuting this community of believers, thinking he was on the path of truth and doing the will of God, but God arrested him and showed him the true way.
My dear brothers and sisters, we must be alert for several things have beclouded the divine truth in the world today, from the quest for earthly freedom to the way we live today. Let us ask God to increase our knowledge of him and that the divine truth, which he promised to bring us to its completion, may illumine our minds and hearts as he did to Paul.

Good morning, and have a nice weekend!

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