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Life and Death: Fundamental or Absolute Value?(27th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”

Saturday 27th May, 2023
John 21:20-25
Acts 28:16-20.30-31
Theme: Life and Death: Fundamental or Absolute Value?

It is an inevitable part of human life and history that every living thing, plants, animals, and humans must, one day, die. The instinct to self-preservation and desire to live and not die is natural to man; hence, life is a fundamental value. This belief cuts across cultures and religions; and any that does not uphold this value has a foundational problem. But life is not an absolute value! The love of God and his kingdom can not be compromised because of earthly life. Although, even Peter and Paul, the Apostles, feared death. In the first reading, we see the arrest of Paul, who was transferred as a prisoner to Rome and remained in prison for over two years. Paul was well aware that this would be his end, and so, he makes several apologies and defence for his life. In the same vein, Peter obsessed with worry and concern about life and death in the gospel today asks Jesus about the life of John whom Jesus loved. No doubt! Earthly life is a fundamental value that must be protected, shielded, and cared for, but such should be done in full and close attention to the absolute life in God and in heaven. Jesus, even the Matyrs, realised this and could give up this earthly life for the kingdom; as demanded of them by their murderers, and thus they went, instead of sin.
Child of God, as much as we care for life and do all possible to make it better, let us equally endeavour to care for our souls in holiness and righteousness; therefore, living each day fully and well, bearing in mind that one day we shall die.

Good morning, and enjoy your weekend holiday.
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