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Obedience to Divine and(OR) Human Authorities!(20th April, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Thursday 20th April, 2023(2nd Week of Easter)
Acts 5:27–33
John 3:31–36
Theme: Obedience to Divine and(OR) Human Authorities!

The above theme poses one of the most pressing challenges of the Christian in the face of obedience. Obedience is a very strong virtue that relates us to God and to man for a proper ordering of spiritual, physical, and civil wellbeing. All authorities come from God, and so, the human authorities should draw from the precepts of God, for God desires the wellbeing of our society in relation to one another and our personal wellbeing, in relation to him and for our salvation. However, what do we do when these two stand in different choices and demands? What do we do when society demands from us contrary to the will of God. Even when our personal comfort, pleasure, ideologies, relationship ties, etc., seem to distance us from God. How do we manage these? Do we forgo one or combine the two? What if the combination is not possible and would lead to hypocrisy when done? And if you are to forgo one, which one will that be? These questions and puzzles are the real struggles of our daily lives in conformity to holiness and righteousness, or sin and indifference to God.
In the first reading, the Apostles were faced with this challenge, and they chose God instead of human demands, which was evil, inauthentic, and selfish.
In the Gospel as well, Jesus testifies to his Father and calls all to obedience to the Father. He has shown us an ideal of this obedience even to the shedding of his blood against the desire and design of the society he lived in.
Let us pray today for all authorities in the world, that God, the source of all authorities, will grant them wisdom to make good laws in fear of God and for the wellbeing of the people, especially those in religious societies whose expression of faith is threatened by the laws; and that God may grant us the strength to obey and place his will above our own comforts and designs.

Good morning and have a blessed day!

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