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Peace: Beyond Riches and Possessions!(22nd May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”

Monday 22nd May, 2023

Acts 19:1-8

John 16:29-33

Theme: Peace: Beyond Riches and Possessions!

There is a big difference between ease(comfort) and peace; while the former comes only from possession or psychological disposition to life, the latter comes or has a spiritual effect that organises the whole of a person’s being, physical, psychological, and spiritual, as well as orders the disposition to life. In the first reading, amidst the difficulties, lacks, and persecutions of Paul and the other apostles, they were contented and never discouraged. Jesus in the gospel says to us today: “In me alone you will have peace, but in the world you will have distress, but do not worry about that for I have already overcome the world.” These words sound so cool and comforting to me, especially when I remember that I am a Christian; I don’t know about you. Peace is a gift that can never come from material things and worldly living, but in life in the spirit, and without which, our lives become hell; for a life without peace is expressed and seen evidently in the day to day activities of a person and in the relationship with self and others.

We pray today for peace in our hearts, in relationships, in families, in countries, and in the world at large.

Good morning, and have a wonderful week ahead!

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