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Son, Behold your Mother!(29th May, 2023)


Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Monday 29th May, 2023(Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church)
Genesis 3:9-15.20
John 19:25-34
Theme: Son, Behold your Mother!

The symbol of motherhood is often used to describe progressive and important institutions, sometimes represented in the personal pronoun “her” to depict a generational value. In the first reading, the generic representation of motherhood in Eve, together with Adam, failed the originary test of time which altered Eve’s role as Mother and brought a generational stain upon humanity for whom they represented in the originary and objective sense before God. In the gospel and in the new dispensation, Mary, standing before God in the same originary and objective sense, reversed the failure of Eve by overcoming the many temptations of freedom and will. In his parting words on the cross, Jesus gifts his Mother Mary to his loved ones represented in his beloved apostle, John, as a model of maternal refuge, and recommends us to her maternal care as well. Mary overcame in manifold ways the temptation that was impossible for Eve; thus, in the same way, she becomes the mother of the new creation, the Church.
Therefore, child of God, let us turn to Mary today for her maternal love and our needs, for she alone knows the easiest and surest ways to obtain favours from God.

Good morning, and have a wonderful week ahead!

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