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The Filled and the Fulfilled!(24th April 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Monday 24th April 2023.
Acts 6:8–15
John 6:22–29
Theme: “The Filled and the Fulfilled”: What do you Seek of Jesus?

We see crowd everyday in religious gatherings, especially Christian, and as many as gathered does not mean or entail they all came for the same thing and purpose. Everyone has what he or she seeks of Jesus; and so, what do you seek? Those whom Jesus fed in the Gospel today are two groups: those who left filled and came back hungry, seeking another food and material help, and those who were fulfilled and followed him.
In the first reading, Stephen understood clearly what following Christ is all about, and he showed clearly what he seeks from Jesus: the crown of unfading glory.

Child of God, the motive and disposition with which we come to Jesus matters so much in our personal relationship with God. Do you see God as where or whom we go to when there is need, or do we strive more to build connection and deep relationship with Him? Simply put: do we go to be filled or to be fulfilled? Let us ask God today to give us a deeper love and understanding of him and to purify all our intentions and make our motives towards him aright.

Good morning, and have a wonderful day and week!

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