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The High Priestly Prayer of the Good, Supreme and Ultimate Pastor!(25th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Thursday 25th May, 2023
Acts 22:30.23,6-11.
John 17:20-26.
Theme: The High Priestly Prayer of the Good, Supreme and Ultimate Pastor!

Jesus is our high priest from whom Christian priesthood shares from, and the only one who holds his priesthood eternally, as the letter to the Hebrews tells us. This is what Jesus does for us every time in the celebrations of the liturgies and sacraments, as the Church’s document on liturgy “Mediator Dei” tells us, too. Thus, Jesus continued the prayer of yesterday in the gospel today, theologically called the “High Priestly Prayer of the Good Pastor, Jesus.” Having prayed for his Church and her leaders who would take after him, he extends his Prayer to members of his body the church who were and are yet to belong through the words and activities of the church. Hence, this prayer of Christ is very important because it has a retroactive and proactive effect. It remains efficacious from generation to generation till the end of time, and on it, the Church is built that the gate of hell can not prevail against it. Jesus prays and requests from the Father that we be consecrated in the truth, that we be protected and shielded from the evil in the world and that we be made perfect in all good things. This prayer is already answered objectively by God and made open for us to embrace its effects. But then, it is now left for us to take a personal and particular dimension to it in our lives. It is our duty to align our lives with this prayer of Christ, and in the present day, join Christ to pray for the Church and for ourselves; and in so doing, we help in building up the body of Christ, the Church. May God help us to be builders and not destroyers of the Church and humanity, for whom Christ prayed for today.

Good morning, and remain blessed!

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