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The Historical Jesus and the Jesus of Faith!

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Tuesday 11th April, 2023(Octave of Easter)
Acts 2:36—41
John 20:11—18
Theme: The Historical Jesus and the Jesus of Faith!

The above theme is a deep and agelong topic of discussion in the field of dogmatic theology, whether Jesus was simply a historical figure or has any relevance to the faith. As much as this does not preoccupy us here, we must quickly register that with the historical life of Jesus coming to an end with the death and resurrection, we begin to experience, forthwith, the faith implications of the life and followership of Christ in his post resurrection events, which will strengthen the faith of the Apostles and of Christians.
This is why in the first reading, Peter, who in the few days back events of Christ, having denied Jesus three times, could still speak boldly of Christ and win souls for Christ.
In the Gospel, Jesus continues to manifest to us that he is risen.
Child of God, this resurrection of Christ means a lot to us. It is a restoration and revival of hope. Therefore, no matter what your worries and problems are, keep believing, don’t give up, your deliverance will surely come.

Good morning, and have a nice day.

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