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The Laws and Man: Understanding the Church and Ceasar’s Due!(6th June, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Tuesday 6th June, 2023
Tobith 2:9-14
Mark 12:13-17
Theme: The Laws and Man: Understanding the Church and Ceasar’s Due!

The Church and the State are institutions established by God himself for ordering human affairs, spiritually and physically, respectively. All authorities, Church or State or any other institution, come from God. There is no confusion about this as many try to misinterprete this or understand it from a twisted angle. In the first reading, Tobith showed the example and resilience of a good spiritual and statesman. He could not accept a gift because of his blind condition and hunger without first ascertaining where it came from. In the Gospel, Jesus uses the ensnaring test from the pharisees and herodians to teach the proper relationship and understanding of the Church and the State. This incident between Jesus and some folks of the Jewish fold is often used to perpetrate self justifying hypocrisy and sometimes syncretism, while others, from the other end of the Church, have built on it to distance themselves from the activities of the State. Jesus teaches us today that all good State laws should be observed to help build the State for human wellbeing.
Child of God, we must, hence, contribute to ensure that the Church and the State work together for the spiritual good and social welfare of the human persons; for all authorities belong to God.

Good morning, and be blessed in your endeavours.

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