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The Messenger and The Message!(4th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Thursday 4th May, 2023
Acts 13:13–25
John 13:16–20
Theme: The Messenger and the Message!

It is often said that the messenger is the message: better put, the weight of the message is either upheld or marred by the messenger. As true as this may be, the word and message of God remains unchangeable. In the first reading today, Paul, despite being converted from a different mission, represented the message well. He understood the mission in which God called him into, and he spoke vehemently and fearlessly to defend it. In the Gospel, Jesus expresses the pain of betrayal from us, especially for not understanding the mission and not representing the Gospel well.
Child of God, we are messengers on great mission here on earth. The question that should bother us every day and should be expressed in our lives daily is whether we are representing and upholding this message wherever we go, or are we betrayers of the Gospel? May God help us today, that our lives will be true testimonies for the Gospel.

Good morning, and remain in the grip of grace!

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