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The Mourning Christians and The Happy Ones!(8th July, 2023)

Do not forget that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

It is not just enough that we fast and pray(Esau); we must be equally spiritually smart(Jacob) and ensure that we don’t lose Christ and our Christian happiness in whatever we are doing.

We have some Christians today who think like the disciples of John in the gospel today. The disciples of John were fasting and praying, but they hadn’t Christ in them and with them in their company. Esau was to be blessed, but he lacked the wisdom and the acceptance Jacob had before his mother, which earned him such privilege.

In actual sense, our fasting and prayer should not make us bitter and disgruntled like the disciples of John or see others as unworthy as they did to the disciples of Christ, or even make us forget to pay attention to little vices that destroy the soul and true Christian joy and happiness. Whether we fast and pray, which is recommended for spiritual growth, it is more important to walk in the light of Christ, keep the commandments of God, and be happy in him.

Good morning, and have a wonderful time.

God bless you…