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The Power-Value and Strength of Authority!(3rd June, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”

Saturday 3rd June, 2023(Memorial of St Charles Lwanga and Companions)

Sirach 51:12 cd-20

Mark 11:27-33

Theme: The Power-Value and Strength of Authority!

In the first reading, the book of Sirach extolled the Lord in praise and acknowledged him as the source and authority of all wisdom. At the heart of any action taken, in relation to others and to public face, is usually the question of “who and why.” Summarily put: the question of Authority. It could be an authority to do a particular thing accruing from age, office, status, etc, upon and from which attention and respect are drawn. The Jews, in the gospel, questioned Jesus of his authority because, physically, they couldn’t see any; but Jesus is God, master , and source of all authority.

Child of God, we are not ordinary people. We are a generation of chosen people designated for all kinds of good works. After creation and in Jesus Christ, God had given us the authority to conquer the world. Let us use our authority in the world today, as Children of God, to subdue, conquer, and transform the world for good against all odds and ills.

Good morning, and have a wonderful weekend!

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