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Things have fallen apart and the center can no longer hold. Of all created things, it has been an agelong belief that man is superior to other creatures; plants and animals, respectively.

This credence is scripturally laid by God in the creation story, where man is made as the crown and beauty of creation, to name creation, and to subdue the earth. Cf. Gen.1: 27&28. This exalted state was couched in the plural affirmation of God: “come let US make man in our own Image and likeness”. Therefore, only man was made in that image and likeness of God himself; in the Image and likeness of the Trinity(the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Unfortunately, this exalted state was short-lived as, man by himself, diminished the radiance of this state(it was not destroyed).

And what actually was the problem?

That forbidden tree, the tree of eye opening, the tree of defilement, the tree that should not be eaten anyhow and by any type of person, was eaten first by Eve(Woman) and then, she lured Adam(Man) into eating it. The Serpent(Devil in the form of animal) seduced Eve into eating the fruit of the forbidden tree. This means that the Serpent had already eaten of it and waited on man to join him and the easiest bet for this seduction was woman.

Oh evil and good tree. A Tree fixed at the center of the garden. God warned humanity through Adam and Eve thus:”beware of that…which is at the middle…” Whatever is at the middle is capable of killing and destroying as well as capable of making whole and building. Virtue for Aristotle lies in the middle.

Oh fruit of the middle tree! What has man done to you that thou has decided to destroy man.

Whenever this middle tree is eaten in disobedience, it destroys and diminishes man, but when eaten in obedience, it follows a spiritual and natural course for the blessing of man.

This garden was the human body. Eve prostituted with the Serpent and brought it to man and both got sunk into the prostitution of the middle and center of the human body, making them unworthy of the spiritual bliss and habitat of an exalted state. They were sent out of that abode for a period of time until they can be validly and sacrificially be reinstated into that abode of peace.

So many covenants and sacrifices of the Jews were thought to do this but could not meet a perfect and eternal remedy for this great wound.
The Blood of Jesus did it once and for all and reinstated man. But again on his own, man needs to draw from this universal remedy and make it a personal one or suffer a second time the pain of disobedience through commission and omission.

😭But Again Unfortunately, this fruit of the middle tree which the blood of Jesus has transformed into the tree of life was abandoned by man and man planted for himself another tree and equally changed the purpose and use of this middle tree from life to death.

Several attempts to rationally and intellectually reinstate man not minding the spiritual damage was made by several scholars who called man “The higher animal”, but the spiritual wound needs healing. In doing so, some even punctured the biblical and spiritual accounts of man’s exalted state; but unfortunately, such negligence indirectly led to the HISTORICAL DETHRONEMENT AND HUMILIATION OF MAN😫.

Sigmund Freud, an Australian Neurologist, was the first to spot this historical mistake and abuse of/on man. These HUMILIATIONS are threefold:

  1. Galilei Galileo, an Astronomer, propounded a historical theory, where he exalted man as occupying the center of creation in a theory called “GEOCENTRICISM”(That the earth, the only planet which was inhabited by man, is at the center with other planets and the sun revolving around it). This position was refuted and disproved by Nicholaus Copernicus, a Mathematician, who through Mathematical calculations and scientific research and experimentation showed that the earth is one of the planets revolving around the sun through his theory of “HELIOCENTRICISM”.(Research and read up Galileo and Copernicus theories of Geocentricism and Heliocentricism respectively). Therefore, man was dragged from the middle to the corner.
  2. Charles Darwin, an Australian Naturalist, faulted and punctured the biblical creationist theory with his theory on Evolution: “that the life and existence of man was merely developed through an evolutionary process from lower organisms(apes, from quadruped-four legs, to bipeds- two legs, etc.) at the nascent and earliest stages of life”(Read up Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution and other following theorists following his path of evolution with different ideas). Hence, man can no longer claim superiority over animals.
  3. This last struck was done by Sigmund Freud himself who calls man “a bundle of instincts, controlled by a natural force of action called libido”. Did I hear libido? 🤔😳😱
    Man no longer becomes that rational animal and the only animal with reason, but a bundle of instincts and libido.
    Following this line of thought, some epistemologists did minor damages to man by claiming equal intelligence and control between man and other animals and equal animalistic tendencies for both without tame and nurture.

Libido Libido Libido! This last struck really got us in the last DETHRONEMENT AND HUMILIATION OF MAN.
The earlier humiliations were more or less theoretical speculations and claims. In this fourth humiliation, just like Adam and Eve, man dethroned and humiliates himself in a practical sense, films it and shows himself to the world how true the claim is.

Se!x becomes a normal and natural experience with animals, several dehumanising steps are taken in the pursuit of money and in the administration of the general human society. Slavery both physical and mental overache. Gender inequalities and extreme assertions by the both genders, unnatural sexual gratification and demeanour, political power and selfish quest for wealth with human instrumental aggrandisement, yahoo and other cybercriminal theft and diabolic accompaniment; just to mention a few.

The question every human being should ask himself or herself today, even as you read this piece is “where do I actually belong”.

Indeed everything has fallen apart 💔. I don’t know how much reparable and redeemable it can be, but a lot need to be done to even get started on the even and right part.

Hoping not to sound negative, we await the next level of human humiliation and their respective consequences.

This DETHRONEMENT AND HUMILIATION OF MAN is now based on individual persons. But the cry of one will always be the cry of many in one way or the other.
Let us ignite our hope with some actions today, if we really want to turn a new leave.


Fada OmenukoJesus