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The Two Covenants: Law and Love!(11th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Thursday 11th May, 2023
John 15:9–11
Acts 15:7–21
Theme: The Two Covenants: Law and Love!

The first covenant was made to tame, kept in fear and mere fulfilment, multiplied by the Jews, and renewed always with the blood of animals. The second was made to bring us closer to God, kept and expressed in love, summarised in love by Jesus, and sealed once and for all by and in the blood of Jesus Christ. These two expressions above will help us understand the first reading and Gospel of today. In the former, Peter and the Apostles, together with other Christians of Jewish and Gentile converts, had their first council in Jerusalem, where they agreed on the general life of Christianity in love, no longer in law. In the latter, Jesus speaks on the commandments and love as having a common force, flowing from the Trinity to us and bringing us back into the life of the Trinity. Hence, the strongest covenant ever is the covenant of love, which Jesus established with his own blood; stronger than the covenant of law established with the blood of animals and multiplied by the Jews. Thus, Jesus extends and offers us the bond of love in the Trinity, not only for the Jews, but also Gentiles, such that his laws and commandments become, no longer a burden and of mere fulfilment, but an expression of love to God, where alone we find complete joy and fulfilment.
Child of God, do not let the love for God grow cold in you. Jesus has given us freedom in his blood and commandment of love. Let this love make our human relationships and society better and draw us closer to God.

Good morning, and make each day count!

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