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The Way, The Truth, and The Life…!(3rd April, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Wednesday 3rd May, 2023(Feast of St’s Phillip and James)
1 Corinthians 15:1–8
John 14:6–14
Theme: The Way, The Truth, and The Life…!

These three words mentioned above summarise all human genuine pursuits. They are three important aspects of human existence, without which there would be no reason to live in the first place. Jesus expresses all we can be and should be in himself using his personal invitatory narrative, “I Am…”
In the Gospel, Jesus, through the question of Philip, whom we celebrate today with James, further explains his role and relationship with his Father. As the way Jesus reminded us that life is a journey in which he is our vision and the only path to the Father and to eternal life. As the truth, Jesus reminds us that there could be distractions on the way in this journey to the Father and to eternal life. There could be other teachings, beliefs and ideologies, but he(Jesus) alone is our reality and only those who stand by the truth will reach the end; and as the life, Jesus moves our focus and direction to the end of this journey, the true life, here and after. The fish dies off when removed from its source, water; the plant dies off when removed from the soil; in the same way, we are nothing when we walk away from our source which Jesus avails us in the life of the church and the sacraments.

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