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What do you want from me? Jesus Asks!(1st June, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: Fada OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Thursday 1st June, 2023(Memorial of St Justin the Matyr)
Sirach 42:15-25
Mark 10:46-52
Theme: What do you want from me? Jesus Asks!

In the words and works of God, we understand that he has made all things for his glory, even in our deficiencies. His words are manifested in his works, and his works reflect his words; only those with sight can see it, and the glory of his creation. Sight, therefore, is a very important aspect of life; it is the seat of vision and focus for the spiritual and physical life. The first reading from the book of Sirach described the might and glory of God in his words and works. In the gospel, the blind Batimaeus, upon hearing that it was Jesus passing, pleaded for mercy and, in spite of the constraints from the crowd, shouted all the more. And behold, Batimaeus, as well as each of us, are confronted by dilemma of the question on wish and choice from Jesus, but he chose sight. I can imagine Jesus asking us directly today:”What can I do for you,” and the many diverse responses that will accompany it. However, for the blind Batimaeus, he wants to see, being physically impaired of sight. Batimaeus was never spiritually blind but physically because he realised Jesus and what Jesus could do, and so attracted to himself, the attention of Jesus with the sight of his faith, despite the intimidating crowd. Jesus could hear his heart and not his voice, for there were many voices shouting and echoing in the crowd. On the other hand, some in the crowd were spiritually blind despite having physical sight. Batimaeus makes a request for us today:”Lord, that we may see.”
Child of God, in your difficulties, endeavour to call Jesus from your heart and not just your voice, for he hears the heart and not just the voice. Endeavour to listen to his words manifested in his works and the glory of his creation. Endeavour to hear the words:”Courage! Jesus is calling you,” as it was said to Batimaeus. Let us therefore ask God to open our eyes to the truth and knowledge of him and of the gospel as he opened and enlightened that of St Justin the Matyr from his philosophical search for wisdom, and converted him to Christianity and search for God.

Good morning and Happy New Month to us all.

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