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“With” Him, or “For” Him?(8th May, 2023)

Morning Spiritual Recipe: OmenukoJesus in “Living the Word”
Monday 8th May, 2023
Acts 14:5–18
John 14:21–26
Theme: “With” him, or “For” Him?

This theme couches two types of people there are in Christianity. The crowd who were with Jesus and left during the persecution, who even shouted Crucify him Crucify him, and the few who remained with him and were for him. Today, a few have remained and are still for him, while many are still crucifying him through their words and actions and by not keeping his commandments or by destroying/changing his commandments. To this effect, Jesus in the Gospel reformulates our theme today and asks: Do you love me? Love is not a feeling or a thought. It is conviction expressed in words and action. This is why Jesus intently marks with a distinguishing clarity those who are “with” him and who are “for” him. It is not enough to belong. It is worthwhile to show it in action and love by keeping the commandments of God. This is what Paul and Barnabas kept exemplifying in their missionary journey, even in the face of persecutions, as we see in the first reading. In the changing world today, Christians who love God must remember that his commandments have never changed.
Therefore, let us ask God today to help us and grant us his grace to keep his words and not remove or add to the commandments he has given us.

Good morning, and happy new week.

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